While the world brushes the ashes of the weekend under the carpet and prepares the long grey slog back into the working world it’s a different story entirely for The Bookhouse Boys, you might remember a few months ago I took time off from hating everything just long enough to declare love for this lots debut album. I unreservedly do the same for their new single ‘I Cant Help Myself’ with it’s breakneck pace and tremulous ‘man on the edge potentially about to do something dangerous’ style vocals. As singles go this a damn fine clarion call to showcase the talent that lies upon their album.

It doesn’t end with the single either, there are a couple of bonus tracks on offer with ‘Oh Lord’ proving to be the antithesis of the lead track with it’s climatic drama and surprising gentility. For a band that throw the lead down with abandon on most occasions this does offer a pleasing surprise. A religious anthem for atheists.

The single is out on the 10th November, the album is available in all good record emporiums now (buy it!) and the band are playing the ICA on November 11th, word is they are pretty much one of the hottest live acts you can expect to see right now so if opportunity knocks then get off your arse and attend.

Next up is Laura Izibor who lands with her new single ‘From My Heart To Yours’ again on November 10th. If the first single I reviewed today was a souped up dragster/hearse that ran on the blood of sacrificed children then this single is a Nissan Micra which is fuelled by nothing stronger than Horlicks. Sadly this is a tame R’n’B affair. Laura has mildly acrobatic vocal style which is presented against a by the numbers backdrop of cute lite piano and a mildly brooding bass and the obligatory shuffle shuffle drums. Its a bit like someone running you a luxurious bath with candles, salts and all the smellies you could wish for only for you to discover the water is lukewarm. Bleh!

Finally we have the latest release from Alphabeat. I tried like buggery to ignore this lot but they keep making the type of songs that nobody admits to liking if they are over fourteen but are nonetheless as catchy as nits. The latest release ‘What Is Happening’ doesn’t go for the jugular in quite the same way as it’s rather more frenetic predecessors but I suspect it will sneak under your skin. There are some names along for the ride in terms of remixes as well, expect contributions from the likes of Amej, Ultrabeat and Chicken Lips to name but three. Its out on the 24th November. This week’s potential slow burner I think.