As a teenage model and now one of Britain’s most successful and well-known actresses, Lisa Faulkner knows that looking good is important in such a fickle industry – so when she started suffering from rosacea (a common inflammatory condition of the skin of the face which causes redness that looks like a flush or blush) she naturally became more self conscious about her appearance.

“Because I suffer from rosacea, I do worry about what my skin looks like – I’m constantly worrying I look red!”

Up to one in ten people in the UK suffer from rosacea, and seven years on from her first flare-up, Lisa has learnt how to manage her rosacea naturally. She adopts a healthy lifestyle and chooses her skincare products carefully, Rio Rosa Mosqeta being one of her hero products!

“I am very careful with what I use on my skin, never anything with too much perfume as this irritates my skin, and since finding out about and using Rio Rosa Mosqueta I have seen a marked improvement in my rosacea.”

This pure oil, made from the seeds of the South American Rosa Aff. Rubig plant, has amazing regenerating properties. With regular use scars, blemishes, stretch marks and wrinkles can fade with dramatic results. The trick is to massage the oil into the skin for about two minutes twice a day.

I have been using this product for a while now and, although I’m hardly line free, my skin appears brighter and my stretch marks do seem to have faded. The oil feels great on the skin and I’ve been using it on a scar on my leg – I’m sure it’s fading!

If you would like advice and support in relation to rosacea please look at the following website:

Pure Rio Rosa Mosqueta, £9.99 for 20ml, is available from the link below and all good health food stores.
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