When you think about The Sea as a “thing” i.e a body of water it makes you more often than not think of tranquility and peaceful times, the gentle caress of water on the shoreline etc etc. When you think of The Sea as a band and their debut album ‘Get It Back’ you cant help but think of an intense experience which could be likened to a kick in the bollocks.

Especially if you are listening to it on a Monday…

For a two piece they two make one hell of a racket drawing all the best traditions, starting from the knee jerk slam of the opening single ‘Don’t You Want Me’. Its pretty much breakneck stuff from there on in, by track 5 (Sun Noir) I felt like was I dragged around by my hair (in a good way) with its growling guitar refrain and cavernous drums and a well placed sneering vocal.

There would be ample opportunity for one and all to call The Sea potential wannabes after all by no stretch of the imagination is this the first time we have heard music of this ilk and in truth they draw from a wellspring of influences that stretches back almost indefinitely. However in this instance they do it so bloody well, there’s a real sense of urgency and threat and downright aggression about The Sea’s offerings. They aren’t doing it by the numbers or pandering to some hitherto often seen rule book, this to me is very much the read deal.

The last time I encountered something as relentless as this was when I was introduced to The Hives years ago. There are similarities here, but perhaps without the mock arrogance of the former, on record they don’t let up for an instant, imagine that in a live environment. Blimey!

Get It Back by The Sea is out on the 22nd. Its a must have.