Kicking off like an amphetamine soaked Western theme is pretty much how I would describe my introduction to The Bookhouse Boys. Imagine if Ennio Morricone went for a night out with Dick Dale and along the way they met a younger slightly more vibrant Nick Cave, that might give you an idea where this lot’s eponymous debut album is coming from.

Monstrously large tunes steeped in midnight black cool, melancholy surf guitar, thunderous drums and haunted female vocals are just some of the ingredients that comprise The Bookhouse Boys winning formula. Given a bit of time film producers are going to be battering down their doors in a bid to use their material on any number of film soundtracks.

You’ve only got to listen to the powerhouse introductory track ‘Dead’ or the loungy sleazy back and forth communique of ‘Shoot You Down’ to be drawn into their dark world made all the more effective when you place it alongside the breakneck cries for redemption of tracks like ‘I Can’t Help Myself’.

I can’t remember the last time an album so dark was so gratifying. The Bookhouse Boys is out on August 18th on the aptly titled Black Records. Thrilling and unmissable. I’m off for another listen…