One of my favourite tracks so far this week is ‘Push It Down’ courtesy of Jeremy Mendonca who as it happens will be playing the Daylight Festival at The Union Chapel this Saturday (28th June). The first words that sprang to mind when I was listening to Jeremy’s material were forthright and direct both in lyrical and musical terms. He brings gentle but assured acoustic folk stylings with his material but it doesn’t end there, in places he layers a darker seam of blues into his vocal delivery (Goodnight Babydoll) and some playful intricacies with his guitar work (A Woman That Cried) which compliment his talent as a musical storyteller. As always there is a link to his music below so you can have a listen for yourself. Quality stuff.

Another firm favourite at is Anne Garner who returns to the Daylight festival with a clutch of new recordings to showcase. Anne has been busy recording her ‘Trusting A Twirled World’ demos with Jim Murray and you can have a preview listen to the new material on her myspace page (again there is a link below). It’s all first rate material with ‘Twirled World’ taking on a real glacial majesty in it’s new incarnation. Whereas ‘When To Stay’ and ‘Stones’ have a real ethereal quality to them as Anne mixes her classical influences with more populist sentiments, you’re rewarded with some real ‘pin drop’ moments. Anne will be onstage at 1pm.

As always Daylight is a free event so make it an essential part of your weekend.