There’s an understandable buzz about The Courteeners right now, with the support from the likes of Morrissey (no faint praise). Brandishing a new wave of traditional straight up and down guitar pop which was heralded by the likes of The Smiths and The La’s this lot represent an honest evolution of the three minute story all wrapped up in a bit of populist jangle. That’s pretty much what you get with the latest single ‘No You Didn’t, No You Don’t’ which even comes with a nod to the Moz with a bit of warbling vocal. Good stuff and out on the June 23rd with an interesting selection of covers for the B Sides.

In fact if anything there is a bit of cover version madness knocking about at the moment with Weezer packing their new single ‘Pork and Beans’ to the gills with homage’s to The Psychedelic Furs, Gary Numan and R.E.M on the flipside of their twin 7” and one CD release. The lead single isn’t bad with its almost lounge tempo shuffle intro before opening up into a stompalong slow burn anthem. I like this, the phrase passive aggressive was written for it. Out on the June 23rd.

London’s Natty is up next, going for the obligatory summer vibe mercilessly with his new single. There’s something in the breezy harmonica that really sets this one off nicely. It might not be a rocket science single and I daresay it won’t be remembered as a classic but it does capture the lazy yet adventurous spirit that a good summer can bring and you can imagine this one in the background as you go about your warm weather shenanigans (if it stays with us). Out on July 21st.

James Blunt also returns with his digital only single ‘I Really Want You’ on July 7th. Its pretty much what you would expect. Modest pianos, driving acoustic strumming and the usual ‘bollocks in a vice’ vocal that none of us need to hear anymore of. I wouldn’t bother, this is the kind of single for people who hate music…oh and it rips off Tracey Chapman a bit as if all his other sins weren’t bad enough.

Finally Paul Heaton releases one of the stronger cuts from his new album in the shape of ‘Mermaids & Slaves’ maybe its just me, but the single mix sounds a tad sharper with his vocals pushed up front a little. Very likeable it is, harkening back to his Housemartins era material if this gets the kind of airplay it deserves it should put a smile on your face and provide drunk people at parties with something to dance to in a godawful fashion. Ace! Out on July 7th.