This weekend at Daylight (24th May), the Union Chapel plays host to the talents of David Hurn, no stranger to Union Chapel. Hurn is a distinctive storyteller with songs woven in a blend of acoustic pop. Have a listen to ‘Your Husband My Disappointment’ a delightfully acerbic that explores the darker side of relationships. Excellent songwriting in all its bleak glory. He released an album in March on Fire Records ‘The Beautiful Trustful Future’, he’s got a healthy back catalogue as well and trust me when I say it stands head and shoulders above most of the material I get sent to review. Richard takes to the stage at 12:30pm

Richard Walters arrives armed with songs of gentle beauty and a lightness of touch that serves to suspend the moments required to listen to them. The best thing I can say is go to his myspace and have a listen to songs like ‘Iceskaters’ and hear elements of heartbreaking fragility in his voice set against the sound of footsteps in the snow and this will give you an inkling of where is he coming from. Lyrically introspective and original, this really is gorgeous stuff and well worth your time. The evidence of his talent also lies in the stable of producers and musicians he has worked with which include the likes of Bernard Butler (Suede, Duffy) and Guy Sigworth (Bjork, Madonna). He’s going to be pretty busy on the live front this summer as well including an appearance at Glastonbury Without a doubt one to watch and when you’ve done that you can pre order his single ‘Brittle Bones’ which will be out on a limited CD and 7” on the 26th May. Richard takes to the stage at 1pm.