Hadouken’s debut album “Music For An Accelerated Culture” certainly comes on strong, like a toddler dosed up on cheap sweets and enough fizzy drinks to make them foam at the mouth like someone with rabies. This album feels like it has a custom fit for the Playstation generation. Relentless beats and cheap yet brooding synth basses and rapid fire vocal delivery which includes lyrics about “getting laid on your parent’s bed” all very much driven with youthful vim and vigour.

Its breakneck pacing right from the off, and takes absolutely huge carnivorous bites out of nearly every uptempo genre you can think of. With a sound that references an almost light skittish reference to breaks, drum and bass, video game soundtracks, contemporary rock and that accursed nu rave tag (actually these tunes were born to be used in video games, you can picture them on the latest driving game).

There are of course some slightly dodgy moments, the main offender being ‘Mister Misfortune’ which goes a bit cyber gothic in places. But in fairness with an album runs at just over half an hour they manage to get away with it on the most part. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea and if you are over twenty five you might need chemical assistance to keep up, such is the relentless nature of what this lot do. Whether they can repeat and expand on what they have achieved here is anyone’s guess. One thing’s for sure though, when their balls drop they hope to be The Prodigy and there are worse things to aspire to.