If ambient works and dreamy soundscapes are your thing then take a brief respite from the sunshine this weekend and head to The Union Chapel for the latest instalment of the Daylight Festival. Taking to the stage at 12:15pm are Radiant Voyages offering a very distinctive listening experience, interspersing electronic treatments with a variety of instrumentation. Its not your traditional setup either, with instruments ranging from Tibetan Singing Bowls and Mongolian Horse Fiddles it could very well be as much an education as much as a gig.

They are followed at 1pm by Virgin Passages, I heard one track from this lot and I was captivated (just listen to ‘Distance’ for a shot of instant beauty). Dreamlike vocals drift on a bed of ethereal glass like guitar. Incredibly evocative material that suits the prospect of a warm summer. Influence wise it all felt slightly like The Beach Boys meeting The Avalanches, what a prospect.

As always it’s free, and the weather outside is ace! (hopefully it will stay that way) what more could you possibly ask for.