Nip along to the Daylight festival this Saturday and you can be sure to infuse your weekend with a little shot of gentility courtesy of Theo Bard. Wonderful laments set to a suitably minimal acoustic backdrop. Lyrically sharp and observant his music needs no pomp or circumstance to get his message across. He has enough musical fire in his belly without the need for grandiose backdrops. You can have a listen to his wares on his myspace page (link below, recommended songs ‘Everything You Have’ and ‘Listen’). Theo takes to the stage at 12:15pm.

Emily Barker takes to the stage with songs woven in a lush folk country style, armed with some wonderfully expansive musical backdrops that serve as frameworks to a voice that carries a knowing mixture of experience and melancholy. Absolutely gorgeous stuff, once again we’ve provided a link to her page below so you can have a listen to her material (don’t miss ‘This Is How It’s Meant To Be’ for one of those stop you in your tracks moments). As is always the case the event is free gratis so grab a friend and nip along and enjoy some of the finest emerging talent that London has to offer.