Any press release that starts with the phrase ‘four likely lads’ makes me at best want to roll my eyes, what exactly does that mean? Likely to do what exactly?
Anyway despite getting off on the wrong foot with me, I gave their debut release a listen and while it will never set the world on fire with its originality it does have a certain charm that a good portion of the skinny legged hopefuls are missing out on these days.

Three bright and sparky tracks in the shape of ‘Give It To Me Straight’, ‘No Excuse (For Behaviour Like That) and ‘Don’t Give Me A Hard Time’. It’s a familiar set up that is now more or less the norm in band land. Edgy spiky melodies set over rather cavernous drums and a matter of fact look at me in my everyday existence vocal laid over the top.

This bunch succeed however on the strength of their melodies, strong stuff indeed and while they may not be destined to live in our hearts and minds forever they managed to leave a good impression in the ten minutes they were allocated in mine.

Keep an eye out for this lot.