Every now and then you wonder whether your toothbrush is cleaning your teeth properly. Dentists stress how important flossing is for your teeth and we all agree with them. Case closed.

Electric toothbrushes have been with us for a while and although lots of us use them, not all of us do.

As you could imagine 020.COM gets a fair few products sent its way but what you might not know is that we usually only review the ones we like.

More than two weeks have passed since Philips sent me a new electric toothbrush which I took on holiday with me to continental Europe. It’s from the Sonicare range and is called FlexCare. It comes with two different sized brushes, a travel case and a small charger.

A full charge lasts about two weeks. I tested it myself on holiday. In fact after retrieving my baggage at London Heathrow on the 15th day of my holiday my suitcase was so tightly packed that any slight jolt and the toothbrush accidentally switched itself on. An employee asked me what it was making the vibrating noise – how embarrassing. This noise persisted until I got home so it certainly lasted longer than 14 days.

Unlike the other Philips electric toothbrush I tested a year and a half ago this one is slimmer in diameter and has less removable parts where mould can grow so a quick rinse under the tap after each use should ensure a clean and mould free item.

If you want to look after your teeth and you’re willing to pay a little more for your brush then this is the smart move as it really feels like having the dentist join you in your bathroom each a couple of times a day.

Something of interest is that Simon Cowell who notoriously criticises most things put before him said “It’s the best toothbrush in the world; I will not live without it and I freak out when I lose it. It’s electrical and it goes crazy inside your mouth. It’s like going to the dentist. I sincerely recommend it”. Hmmm, well he may have gotten paid to say that but either way he’s got good teeth.

The toothbrush is excellent and it’s staying in my bathroom whether Simon likes it or not, the only thing Philips could work on is bringing down the price of the replacement heads which can be presently bought for about £24.95 a pair.

The FlexCare electric toothbrush is RRP £149.99 and is available at Boots, John Lewis, Argos, Amazon and Littlewoods to name a few. The device comes in two versions, the one I’ve just reviewed and also the FlexCare UV which has a built-in ultraviolet sanitizer that eliminates germs that might reside on a toothbrush head. Now that’s what you call hi-tech.