David Guetta returns on 10th December with his new single ‘Baby When The Light” featuring guest vocalist Cozi, as always it shows Guetta as the “nice guy” of pop/dance. With nary a vicious bass line in sight its electric piano is warmer than a Supertramp offering while its undeniably chart friendly. There’s an obligatory remix which toughens things up a little bit but its barely a surface makeover, pleasing but harmless.

While we’re on the subject of jaunty pianos Matt Costa brings a suitably quirky offering to the party on January 7th. His single ‘Mr Pitiful’ has enough of a hook to draw you, not the most original track you’re going to hear this year but bouncy enough to stand out from the rest of the earnest singer/songwriters who are cluttering pop’s pavements right now. His album “Unfamiliar Faces” is out on the 14th January an innocuous collection of songs delivered with an air of professionalism that borders on the lukewarm in places. Good, but needs more teeth if it’s going to stand out from the rest of the fawning mob.