A couple of singles up for perusal today starting with the debut from Electrovamp. I Don’t Like The Vibe In The VIP is interesting in the sense that it mixes a pleasing chunky club friendly electro soundtrack with teen slapper lyrics (yes, they shake their peaches and cream, and they will make you scream like you ain’t done it in ages). I’m almost embarrassed to like this but there’s something about it that will stick in your head like glue. I suspect this will be the best they have to offer but for now it’s worthy.

There’s an Enrique track out as well called ‘Somebody’s Me’, insipid nonsense from the guy who no longer has a tennis playing appendage but I dare say the lobotomised will love it to pieces and swoon over his mole free image. But the rest of you have better taste than that…please tell me you have better taste than that. Awful.