This Friday at the Union Chapel’s Daylight Festival sees Map165 taking to stage at 12:15pm. A performing vehicle for Martin A. Smith and Tim Hooper the duo explore ‘planned improvisations’ in unique settings. Something tells me the Chapel should be bountiful surroundings for their ethereal soundscapes, have a listen to their work at the link below, decidedly haunting stuff eliciting vivid shades of light and dark in their work

Following at 1pm will be Andrew King whose myspace page categorises him as a mix of Folk, Industrial and Other. Its safe to there is an original slant on the folk banner in this instance. His songs mix traditional folk instrumentation and vocal styles with some decidedly brooding almost warlike electronic effects. He will be accompanied by members of the electronic group Knifeladder.

Saturday at 12:15pm sees Celine Wadier bring her rich blend of innovative vocal electronica to the Chapel. Have a listen to ‘Le Lion’ at her myspace page (link below)with its gorgeous vocal and frenetic hybridised drum and bass backing for a good example of her relationship with music. Very organic stuff that really grabs your attention.

1pm shows the return of Anne Garner to the stage, regular readers will be no strangers to this name. She has performed worldwide with Cabaret Voltaire and her album ‘Remaking The Pearl’ was a remix album that saw her tracks being restructured by some world class producers. She has also been active of late with her collaborative project Slowcraft. Definitely one to see.

As always with the Daylight Festival the event is free so come along and expand your musical horizons for the princely sum of nothing. It might just make your weekend.