That Wallace Bird returns with a new single ‘Blossoms in The Street’ on October 15th as a prelude to the physical release of her album Spoons on October 22nd. She’s been doing brisk business on iTunes with her album already and if you take a gander at this single its easy to see why, Blossoms is a jaunty careening spiralling slice of pop acoustic with Wallis on fine and feisty vocal form. It’s a good taster for the album and if you like this then odds are ‘Spoons’ will curry favour with you as well. Recommended.

Tricky and Chris Blackwell’s BrownPunk label releases their second single in the form of Laid Blak’s single ‘Burnin’ a musical collective that fuses reggae, RnB hip hop and soul. Although in this instance the debt owed is more to the reggae influences (complete with the paean to weed lyric). Slightly clichéd but forgivable in the sense that musically and vocally it’s a fluid and well produced affair. Tricky’s remix dries the track out a little and shows him to be on sparkling form in the remix stakes, its not necessarily better than the original cut but it brings up different facets of the track so it easily sits alongside its forebear nicely.

Almost an afterthought this, but in an ideal world Wallace and BrownPunk would be one hell of an interesting collaboration.