“Party Like A Rockstar” is apparently the fastest selling ringtone in U.S history amd the debut single from Atlanta based trio Shop Boyz, due for release in the UK via Island Records on August 13th. As soon as I read the press release and saw the words “ring tone” I’ll admit I was seized with feelings of dread. While not quite as annoying as Crazy Frog, the only thing that needs to be said about this is that its essentially shite.

This is what happens when you let former mechanics into a recording studio. Apparently prior to making this abomination the boys involved fixed cars. hustled and “did whatever they had to do to make ends meet” so they could pursue their true passion which was music.

Lets hope they’re better at changing the clutch on a Ford Mondeo than they are at “dropping lyrics”. Avoid this as though your life depended on it.