Kicking off the singles round up this week is Cobra Starship, now I’ve had the dubious fortunes of hearing the odd bit of fluff from this bunch before so I approached this one with trepidation. I mean the title alone was enough to make me gag “Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I’ll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ)”. I mean what the hell is all that about. In short it’s a drunk track, after a few it will probably sound like a good idea, mixing a light dance feel with almost U2 style jangly guitars and one of those earnest rock vocals. However as for longevity, it’s got little to offer. Consider this the one nightstand of the bunch. It’s available for download from August 20th.

Next up is Daughtry, you might remember I tore chunks out of his Nickelback light debut album a short while ago. His new single “Its Not Over” has proven my displeasure at hearing his constipated vocals again has not dimmed with the passing of time. Plodding rock that shows fuck all imagination and belongs in the bygone era of poodle perms and other hair crimes. In its favour, it’s a radio edit so its shorter than the version I had to listen to before…oh, and the packaging the CD came in was lovely. Apart from that, only buy it if you hate music. The single is released on the 6th August

Salvation however comes in the form of Hard Fi’s new single that I have mentioned before does borrow massive chunks of styling from The Clash, but does manage to retain the band’s sense of identity. Consider this a slight upgrade from their work on Stars of CCTV, however it does enough to pique your interest and see where they might head next. By the way forget the radio edit, its best to hear this one in its full incarnation, the extra minute is worth it. Available on the 20th August.