Starting this little bunch with something that you can already go and get your clammy little paws on. You know what its like, you hear something on the radio, love it and then wait what feels like six months before you get it home and slap it on the Dansette (ask your parents).

First up is Christobel by the interestingly titled Joan As Policewoman. As dark a slice of slightly obsessed pop lyricism as you’re going to experience this week. This is the musical equivalent of being stalked (and I mean that in a good way). Moody and melodic the vocal rides up over a slightly tarnished and guttural backdrop to deliver a pop moment that doesn’t get up and leave as soon it’s all over. You should be able to find that in the real world/online this week.

Also knocking about in the more mix orientated circles is the new Robbie Williams single Lovelight, now just as the eagle eyed amongst you might be about to pounce, yes the single is as lacklustre as it was on the album but this time round it’s the remix package that has come to the rescue. Specifically in the form of Soulwax’s beefy squawly bass driven monster of a recut. Robbie it has to be said doesn’t really feature, leaving Soulwax alone to do what they do best that is quite frankly tear the dance floor to ribbons. It’s a bit of a beast as they say.

Sticking with electronics one to watch for in November is the new EP from Evils out on Peski Records. Already getting some airplay on the likes of XFM (Eddie Temple Morris’s Remix show on Sundays). This little collection is so cheeky it hurts with the eighties video game stomp of ‘Have A Good Time (All The Time)’ and the twisted Banjo Uke Blues. Evils has spent the year supporting the likes of Hot Chip and Ladytron and if you want to check out his material prior to the release then his first EP the delightfully titled Pig Fucker is available from his website for absolutely nothing.

Can’t say fairer than that. Off you go then kids, knock yourselves out.