Call it the night of the long knives if you want, but if anything the bitch fest that this years Big Brother has become went into overdrive. The whipping boy for this week looked like being none other than new girl/boy Sam. Obviously vulnerable on more than one front he was both the accuser and the accused at the centre of the latest BB shout fest. Firstly accused by Lea of “calling her and others false”, he also accused Lea of calling him an “arselicker” which technically wasn’t a million miles from the truth.

With his bright red face and inane grin here is a character who for whatever reason had attempted to ingratiate him/herself into the house with fawning displays of affection and a somewhat disturbing habit of following people the bathroom. That’s just a little too close for most people I’m sure.

One of the instigators of this conflict was “allegedly” Lisa (I say allegedly because even I’m not entirely sure). She however denied playing her part in the mischief mongering which led to tears before bedtime and a whole big chunk of conflict for the viewing public to get their teeth into.

While this was going on Imogen and Lisa were slowly turning on the purveyor of ghetto glamour Aisleyn who day by day gets ropier and ropier in the looks department, check the chlorine stain bleach job for a barnet and I swear at one stage her complexion appeared to have the pallor of an extra from a zombie film. Then there was Lea starting to turn on Richard something I didn’t expect to see (at least not so soon). Meanwhile Richard defended Sam with the assistance of Pete who is still managing to maintain a degree of immunity from the groups (although he is moving towards a strong alliance with Richard). Nikki meanwhile was prepared to bitch about anyone within earshot to anyone who would listen, but then its becoming clearer that she is either gifted with a bizarre sense of comic timing or she isn’t playing with a full deck. I think I’ll go with the latter.

As the fights ebbed and flowed through the house there was however one constant factor that seemed to be involved in all of them…Grace.

Without doubt she is this year’s star player in the gaming stakes. A grade A bitch with a butter wouldn’t melt front and a scalding interior. Capable of nuzzling up to whoever is in range and sowing the seeds of conflict within their vacant little skulls. Yet all the while she emerges from any potential conflict with nary a stain on her character. In fact at times she almost had an air of the peacekeepers halo floating around her. Nasty Nick would be proud, she is the latest in the lineage of reality telly bitches. And despite being a rank undesirable as a result is providing the entertainment for the show and the potential for explosions when she gets rumbled.

Elsewhere Lisa’s hot temper led to her discussing nominations and getting herself disqualified from the process. That’s two out of the running this week (along with Imogen), I wonder how the house would cope if everyone talked themselves out of the process.

Outside the war zone, Big Brother hinted to the girls that a new house mate could be joining them by asking them what sort of man they would like to enter the house if the opportunity availed itself. Nikki listed a host of football players and showed her credentials for becoming a Premiership “Sunday Roast”. The girl wants it all, and she’ll work on her back for every penny I suspect. Still she is quite funny so for now we should forgive her.

Glyn meanwhile has graduated from “boy from the mountains” to “domestic God”. He has learned how to wash his own clothes, and how to boil an egg. He sat in the diary room with an air of accomplishment about him. Now he is armed with basic culinary skills and has proved himself to be a dab hand with a box of Persil all he needs now is a good shag and surely his life’s work will be complete.

Oh and as for Lea, her age changed three times in the space of the show tonight, 34,36 and 38. Surely the truth is out there?