Sezer is out.

And the best thing was he honestly never saw it coming. With a landslide share of the votes (91%) the geezer was ousted from the Big Brother in what was confirmed as the biggest voting landslide the show had seen. In the lead up to eviction night, the man that Britain didn’t take to their hearts had rather foolishly predicted that he would survive the axe but tonight his time was up.

Experience tells the seasoned Big Brother viewer that its never wise to consider anyone a safe bet to stay or go in the eviction stakes, but in this case Sezer had made a particularly prominent rod for his own back. In a week filled with manipulation, misogynistic behaviour and a degree of bullying it would seem that one of this year’s biggest characters had effectively sealed his own fate with his own mouth.

As Davina made the announcement his jaw hit the floor and his reaction was not the only one worth noting. Lea shed enough tears to end the potential drought that the country could be facing while Imogen faced with the prospect of losing her mouthpiece and staunchest defender went into a state of dumbfounded shock.

But it was Sezer’s night and I must profess to taking some small degree of pleasure in watching his shell shocked expression that incidentally was still glued to his face thirty minutes after his eviction was announced. Yes, the house will undoubtedly be a quieter place without him but this was one of those reality television moments almost worth the sacrifice of the future conflicts he would have brought to the table.

His interview with Davina proved to be something of a slightly humbling experience. Greeted with a negative reaction from the crowd, there were banners, boo’s and catcalls. At this rate next year we’ll probably see villagers brandishing burning torches (and lets be fair, some of the housemates are only slightly less freaky than Frankenstein’s monster). During the interview Sezer was faced with watching the combined sins that had sealed his fate. At this point even he was forced to admit that his arrogance and a lot of his attitudes had been a little too much for the voting public to forgive. Here was a man who had thankfully been taken down a peg or two.

Elsewhere in the house however there were other mini dramas unfolding. Imogen for example is going to be facing her second week without the possibility of nomination. During her argument with Richard the night before she had broken the golden rule of talking about nominations again. This only proved that as housemates, a firm grip on one’s tongue should be kept even in the midst of a heated debate. Although I suspect if she plays her cards right then she might do just enough next week to gain some sympathy from enough people to avoid being up for nominations.

The remaining ‘plastic people’ comprising of Nikki, Grace and Mikey however did close ranks following the loss of their leader and seemed keen to find a new target. The new girl “ghetto princess” Aisleyne looked like fair game, so if you thought the Richard Vs Sezer conflict was good telly consider the prospect of Aisleyne Vs Grace. The “posh totty” versus “street bird” smack down could be the next entertainment lined up for the viewer.

The opinions on Glyn seem to be making a marked shift as well, moving from being the quiet boy from the mountains. He seems to be gaining some degree of popularity. His winning potential possibly enforced by his innocence and naivety and the fact that he seems to have developed a perverse crush on Lea, perhaps he is living in hope that she will be the one to guide him on the perilous journey from boy to man (shudder). Fair play though, with her experience in certain industries she has the qualifications for the job and there are cameras absolutely bloody everywhere.

As Lisa would say “Mint” .