There is an old African saying that goes; "A girl is only one if she
takes care of her hair." The reference here is hair in the head. True,
but the prime requisite for looking young and beautiful really must be
great skin.

Call me an old woman I don’t care. I admit having turned 30 I am faced
with fluctuating and falling oestrogen levels, which makes my skin much
thinner, less elastic and more prone to itching and dehydration.
Temperature changes also leave the skin dry and tight. Long, hot
showers can make the skin dry and itchy.

Grandma says: "Drink lots of water" I really try nowadays though the taste of water or lack of it still doesn’t tickle my fancy.

Action plan which will help me get that glow.

Trap water:  As soon as you get out of the shower, apply a
moisturizer while your skin is still wet. This helps trap the moisture
in the upper layers, especially the epidermis of the skin and decreases
the dryness.

Nourish from inside out: Eat more antioxidants and vitamins.
Vitamin A (found in green vegetables, egg yolks, liver, butter, and fish oils) has anti-ageing properties.
Vitamin C protects against wrinkles, while vitamin E (in vegetable
oils, nuts, seeds. whole-wheat flour and Dairy products) has an
anti-inflammatory effect to soothe skin.
Quench your skin’s thirst: An easy way is to start the day with a glass
of water. Yes that water again. This is important because you are
reversing any mild dehydration that may have occurred overnight. If you
are in the habit of showering and dressing before you go to the kitchen
in the morning, you could leave a bottle of water handy for you to
drink during your dressing routine.

Protect your skin: Use a specialized wax-based balm to provide a
protective shield against extreme weather conditions. Don’t exfoliate
more than twice a week as this can make your skin more dehydrated and
Apply SPF15 with additional UVA protection during winters. The
intensity of UVA radiation – responsible for skin ageing and wrinkling
– is the same all year round.
Finding the appropriate skin care routine is a combination of using the
correct products for a particular skin type and finding products, which
are enjoyable to use. There is no instant solution for a problem skin,
and the only way to improve the skin is
to treat is well. Good skin care is simple and based on the age-old routine of:
Balancing through compressing
Special care

I didn’t have to go far to get information and advise on how to take
care of my skin. Pop in any beauty parlor or make an appointment and
help is at hand.

Apparently, It takes between 21 to 28 days for skin to renew itself.
Maybe longer, if over 40. So the skincare routine must be followed for
at least three to four weeks before results can be seen.

It removes excess sebum, makeup, dirt etc from the skin in a gentle
manner. An important part of the cleansing process is using water,
which reduces friction (hands glide over wet skin reducing pulling) and
is gentle as long as it is used tepid.

Has soothing properties and assists in redressing the pH balance.
Toners remove all traces of cleansers if not totally removed by
rinsing, act as gentle astringents, brighten the skin, and restore its
acidity level, which is inevitably altered by cleansing. It also heals
the skin and makes it soft and smooth.  

Used instead of toning in the evening routine. Add moisturising cream
to warm water, immerse a face cloth and apply to the face up to three
times, pressing the water/oil into the skin. The benefits of
compressing  include mild exfoliation, tones the skin and assists
with open pores, aids absorption of essential oils into the skin,
encourages the skins cycle of renewal, leaves the skin ready to absorb

Creams or lotions are emulsions in water, oil or wax. The oil softens,
smoothes, prevents moisture loss and protects the skin, while the water
adds moisture to the skin and the wax acts as an emulsifier. It
prevents moisture loss by adding a protective film to the skin,
protects the skin against dirt, damage, pollution and harsh climatic
conditions and gives the
skin a supple feel.

Creams are emulsions in oil or wax. The oil softens, prevents moisture
loss and nourishes the skin. It also provides the skin with nourishment
and gives the skin a plump, smooth, supple appearance.

Special Care:
Includes products for specific areas of the face depending on the
individual requirements. This includes gentle exfoliants, eye gels and
extracts for ageing skins.

Again the results aren’t instant but in ten or so years when someone
comments that you t look ten years younger, it will be true and you
will be glad that you diligently followed these beauty regimes.