The hot looking 20 year-old, Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia of Peru has
been crowned as Miss World 2004 at Sanya’s Beauty Crown Theatre.

Throwing on her blue evening gown, in true Miss World fashion she
received her crown from the equally hot Miss World 2003 Rosanna
Miss World 2004 was joined by runners-up USA and Dominican Republic,
equally looking like girls you wouldn’t turn down if they asked you for
a dance at the local church disco.

If you were a complete loner and caught it on the box you would have
had your ears ring to the tunes of Lionel Ritchie singing his old time
classics. Seeing him you would have sworn he actually looks younger
than he did then. Now why is that?

Miss England hails from Liverpool and although the 20 year-od
beautician didn’t make it to the final three, we will surely see her
selling Avon or other skincare products – maybe even door to door.
Hang on, there goes the door now.