From the makers of Finding Nemo and Toy Story comes yet another spectacular animation that only serves to push Pixar to an even higher degree of recognition than before. The Incredibles has certainly lived up to its name and proves delightful to both young and old.

Pixar takes you on a journey to the unknown, to the magical and intriguing world of superheroes.

The central focus is on Mr. Incredible, an ex-superhero who, after a lawsuit against all the superheroes, was forced to live a life in hiding, posing as the normal ‘Bob Parr’. He lives with his wife, Helen, who is the ex-superheroine Elastigirl, and their three children, Dash, Violet and Jack Jack, all with their own super powers. However, having to live a normal life proves to be somewhat difficult for this eccentric and gifted family. Using their powers only in the comfort of their own home, a fight at the Parr family proves to be an entertaining event, each using their own power to try and beat each other. With Mr. Incredible’s strength, Elastigirl’s stretch ability, Dash’s speed and Violet’s invisibility, this is a family to be reckoned with.

Working in an Insurance company Bob Parr is fed up with this mundane life and longs to be in a world of action and excitement and when one day he is given the chance to do it again, he dives straight into it! However, it turns out to be a ploy from someone from the past who seeks revenge and Mr. Incredible is left trying to defend himself against something more powerful them him. With the help from his family, we see how great their powers become when used together instead of alone and the message of unity is beautifully portrayed.

The Incredibles is a delightful movie and I watched it with wide eyes and child-like admiration. It serves to fuel the imagination by giving us fast packed adventure and such superb animation that you almost forget the characters aren’t real. But most of all this movie is FUN, and it is impossible not to laugh at the antics of Bob Parr who longs to be Mr. Incredible again but who now looks more like Mr. Impossible!

Possibly the most endearing part of the movie is that the characters are made to seem more human and Pixar has focused on the sort of things that all of us may experience in everyday life. Bob’s mundane job, Helen’s perseverance at trying to create a ‘normal’ family life for her children, and Violets shyness (shown perfectly by her hair covering her face and her ‘disappearing’ acts around the boy she likes), all reinforce this idea of ‘human qualities’ and certainly endures us to them even more!

This is in fact the first time that Pixar has not used talking animals or creatures in their animations and it was obvious that this time they decided to try a different angle. It is always a risk to try something new especially when their previous movies have been so victorious and when audiences are relying on continuing success. However this time a change was the right thing to do and Pixar have been pushed higher in our esteem then ever before.

This movie is undoubtedly ‘Incredible’.